Twenty Five productive years online.

Emerson Art continues with its commitment to the highest standards of art & design

Emerson Art is a family of three, husband, wife, and daughter. All of us are artists. While we separately pursue special artistic interests, we work as a team on client projects received through our websites.

In 1994 we started our graphics business on the WWW as Imagine Graphics. As artists, we immediately saw a need for skilled artistry on the web. Website development, logo design, cartooning, illustration, and caricaturing all seemed to need a fresh approach.

Over the next 25 years, we rebuilt our presence as Emerson Art and have served businesses and individuals worldwide ever since.

Jerry is the principal digital artist for all our projects. He has years of experience in portraiture, caricature, cartooning, and logo design. Debbie is a creative visual designer who creates color palettes and layouts for business cards, greeting cards, and WordPress website design. Our daughter is a creative graphic designer and digital artist but also a skilled writer. As a result of our close collaboration, client projects become fully realized and completed.

The Tools We Rely On

Photoshop 2022
Clip Paint Studio
Xara Vector
Wordpress Web design
Casablanca style card

A re-creation of the Casablanca movie poster

Norman Rockwell recreation

A re-creation of the famous Normal Rockwell illustration

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