TWENTY-NINE YEARS AGO, we began to develop the digital art services featured on this site. Each service is tried and true thanks to our many clients from around the globe.

Caricature Art & Design

We have 25 years of digital caricature art to our credit but over 50 years of caricature experience. Jerry started caricaturing at a very early age and sold his first caricature in 1967 when he was 16.

Those years of drawing caricatures before computers and the internet required Jerry to use actual materials and equipment. He drew most of his caricatures in pen and Indian ink on high-grade papers, such as bristol board. He used pens with various brass nubs to control line style and thickness. For color, he used quashes, watercolor, and colored inks.

Jerry acquired his first computer in 1994. Not long after having it, he began purchasing newly emerging draw programs, like Paint Shop Pro and Corel Draw, which he diligently tested. He also obtained, after a while, a digital tablet and stylus. Within a year, he produced art and graphics digitally for the Emerson Art website, then named Imagine Graphics. He expanded his skills to begin marketing graphics, cartoons, and caricatures to the public.

Today, with top-notch computers, digital pens, and the best drawing apps, he offers digital art services encompassing every conceivable business and personal need.

business card design
A sample of family caricature art

Art Of Caricature

Visit Art of Caricature for the very best caricatures. Jerry has been caricaturing for over 50 years for clients all over the globe. You can trust him on all your caricature projects, no matter how easy or complex.

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