Project Description

I was delighted when Brandy and Weldon hired me for this piece. The idea of recreating a famous movie poster excited me, especially for a movie I loved – It’s A Wonderful Life. The original poster for the film featured the unforgettable stars, Jimmy Stewart and Donna Reed.

Brandy and Weldon wanted me to remain faithful to the poster but replace the stars’ faces with theirs. They also wished to include the family pet, a Marmoset monkey.

I duplicated the original poster’s coloring, shading, and textures by picking the exact colors off a reproduction. I also reproduced the title text faithfully and added Brandy and Weldon’s names in the text style of the stars’ names.

They were delighted with the result. I consider it among the best art I have produced.


Holiday, Illustration


These are the skills I developed to give you quality digital caricature art over my 26 years on the World Wide Web.

Photoshop 2022
Clip Paint Studios
Xara Pro (vector)