TWENTY-FIVE YEARS AGO, we began to develop the digital art services featured on this site. Each service is tried and true thanks to our many clients from around the globe.

From gag cartooning to digital cartooning

Jerry started gag cartooning back in 1970. His first sale as a professional cartoonist came from the Saturday Review, edited by Norman Cousins. His gag cartooning career took off and is still going strong today.

In all those years, Jerry amassed hundreds of sales to just about every major magazine:

  • Saturday Evening Post
  • Saturday Review
  • TV Guide
  • Readers Digest
  • Omni
  • Medical Economics
  • Parade
  • King Features
  • Good Housekeeping
  • New Woman
  • Boys Life

Of course, there are many more to list, but our point is made: we provide the best cartooning services by one of the best cartoonists!

Today our cartoons are produced digitally, allowing our cartooning services to expand. Whatever you may need a cartoon for, we have you covered:

  1. cartoon greeting cards
  2. cartoon mascots
  3. cartoon logos
  4. cartoon business cards
  5. cartoon product art
  6. cartoon signs and brochures
  7. cartoon website characters and headers
business broker catooning
A business broker reacts

Art Of Caricature

Visit Art of Caricature for the very best caricatures. Jerry has been caricaturing for over 50 years for clients all over the globe. You can trust him on all your caricature projects, no matter how easy or complex.

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