About Printing Our Digital Art

When clients order digital artwork, they usually understand that we provide print-ready files of their projects for download. However, a client will occasionally ask how much we charge for caricature prints or if our initial project quote covers printing and shipping costs.

Therefore, to avoid future confusion, we have added this page to clarify our policy on printing.

What we deliver to the client

When we finish a digital art project, we email the client all the print files needed for making quality prints. These files may include various sizes of artwork or different formats. However, all of them are high resolution, 300 dpi.

What we do not deliver

We do not deliver prints of the finished artwork. Printing would force us to charge clients much more for our work.

Our policy

Our clients are responsible for getting their projects printed. Please consider this when ordering. Remember, we provide our clients with quality digital art. Your prints should reflect this if you make the right choices regarding the printer, the quality of paper or other surfaces, the permanence of inks, and the selection of publishing media.

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