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About Our Product Art Design Gallery

Our product art designs include various categories, from playing card games to coffee cups. We are very fond of a series of product art designs developed for a bar trivia game called “Duck Hunt.” A few samples appear in this gallery.

This gallery features book illustrations, realistic greeting card art, cartoon greeting card art, and product art design.

Years ago, a graphics company contacted us to design T-shirt art for the lawn equipment manufacturer Echo Corporation. These t-shirt drawings were all based on the famous Looney Toons cartoon characters.

Of note is the work we produced for Patron Enterprizes, LLC. They hired us to develop a series of public school coloring books. We feature four of the coloring book covers in this gallery.

The Gallery


Art Of Caricature

Visit Art of Caricature for the very best caricatures. Jerry has been caricaturing for over 50 years for clients all over the globe. You can trust him on all your caricature projects, no matter how easy or complex.


Susquehanna Flats Drone Services

Please visit Susquehanna Flats Drone Services, particularly if you live in Virginia or Maryland. Mike’s drone work is top-notch, and he is licensed and certified.

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