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This listing answers many of the questions I receive about ordering caricatures. If you cannot find an answer here, don’t hesitate to contact me using one of the methods below.

The fastest way to contact me is to use my online forms:


Placing An Order2023-06-16T17:14:44+00:00

How do I order artwork from you?

Visit my project quote page and fill out the form. Please give a good description of the artwork you want. You may also specify a budget. Within two business days, you will receive my quote. This process is the fastest way to order artwork from me.


Do I need to make a deposit for work to begin?

If you agree to the quote, we will ask your permission to email you an invoice from our online bank account. The invoice links to a secure payment gateway. Follow the payment steps to completion. We will acknowledge the payment once made. You’ll also receive a receipt from the online bank. Unless other terms are specified, we ask for 50% of the quote as a down payment.

Project Information2023-06-16T17:17:00+00:00

Besides photos, what do you require for a project to go forward?

Along with photos, send a description. For each subject, include pose, clothing, objects, and any unique characteristics to be illustrated. Specify eye color and hair color, as these features often do not show correctly in photos. You may wish to send reference images for clothing and objects.

Reference Materials2023-06-16T17:17:46+00:00

What about reference photos?

After I acknowledge your deposit payment, you may send your photos to me. Select images that are as large as possible. Send several of each subject to be drawn. Send a closeup of the face and a full-body shot. Check photos for details and clarity. Send them as attachments to your email, or give me a link to your social media containing the appropriate images.

Project Samples2023-06-16T17:18:40+00:00

May I see examples of my artwork as it develops?

As the artwork progresses, I will send you examples of the caricatures.

First, I will send you a sample of the line art. After I refine the line art to your satisfaction, I will send you an example of the color rendering. Next, I will send you an example of the background for the caricatures. Finally, I will send you an example of the caricature subjects posed against the background scene.

Request Alterations2023-06-16T17:20:01+00:00

May I suggest changes to the artwork as it progresses?

You may suggest alterations to the artwork after reviewing both the line art sample and the color sample. Usually, no changes are required after the line art is finalized and colored, but tweaking colors is typical at this stage. Background scenes may be adjusted or changed, but extensive adjustments may require an additional charge.

Finishing The Project2023-06-16T17:21:38+00:00

What happens when I think my project is done?

Once you are satisfied that the caricature artwork is perfect and no further changes are required, I consider it accepted and ready to be converted into a print-ready form if printing is required. Otherwise, I format the art for website use.

Finished Art2023-06-16T17:22:47+00:00

How do I receive the finished art?

After acknowledging your balance payment, I will send you the final print-ready files. If they are small enough, the files are sent to you by email attachment. But if they are too large for sending as attachments, I will upload the art to my server and send you a download URL to retrieve it. You may also have your printer download the file if more convenient for you. A password protects the URL.

Balance Payment2023-06-16T17:23:29+00:00

When do I pay the balance?

The balance is due after you have accepted a final draft and before I send you the print-ready art. I will send another invoice from my online bank account for the payment. I release the final art only after the balance is paid.

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