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In business, you can’t make a second first impression. The first impression of your business is the one that sticks in your customer’s mind, which is why a well-designed logo is so important. We design logos using your business model and goals and, more importantly, understanding the crucial audience you want to attract.

This gallery provides only a tiny sample of the possibilities for good logo design.

The Gallery

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Besides digital art, we also design Wordpress websites. Featured here are two websites we designed a long time ago and still maintain and update today. Rhinohouse features t-shirts and hoodies with our cartoon caricature drawings. Mike DeMeo, the owner of Rhinohouse, assisted in the design of these tees. Together we came up with some fun stuff! Pavillion Inn is located on the beautiful island of Anguilla on the Caribbean sea. Please visit both sites.

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Susquehanna Flats Drone Services

Please visit Susquehanna Flats Drone Services, particularly if you live in Virginia or Maryland. Mike’s drone work is top-notch, and he is licensed and certified.

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